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Museum Glyptothek of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb

badly damaged by the March 22 earthquak 2020 !

Dear colleagues,

Some of our plaster cast were irreversibly damaged by the March 22ns. Your help and advice are welcome, as we are looking for some plaster casts of sculpture of antiquity (Scipion African, Zeus Otricoli, Irida from Parthenon)

For further contact you can writte to me on mail: mgetaldic@hazu.hr

Thank you in advance and best regards

Magdalena Getaldic curator

Enquiry : Armoury plaster

casts - Lisbon, Portugal


My name is André Afonso and I am an assistant curator of the gold, silver and jewellery collections of the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga ("National Museum of Ancient Art"), in Lisbon, Portugal.We have been studying the collection of historical reproductions that this museum has (or had), especially plaster casts and electrotypes (that were of great importance when the museum opened its doors in 1884). In fact, almost the entire collection of reproductions was transferred to other institutions in the mid-twentieth century, with the exception of electrotypes and a collection of fictile ivories's plaster casts.In this context, we are interested in a collection of Armoury plaster casts (shields and helmets, with a very interesting ornamental component) that belonged to this museum but were transferred to the Scholl of Fine Arts of Lisbon in 1951. Some archival documents indicate that the purchase of this collection must have been made in 1884, which were purchased from a foreign plaster casts manufacturer/formatore and that reproduces 16th century armoury objects from the Royal Armoury of Madrid, Spain (not all, but some of them).

Although I am not an expert in plaster casts (I have been studying the subject of electrotypes more, although I am also studying our fictile ivories), I do not know practically any plaster casts collection that includes reproductions of armoury objects (I know just a few examples).What we would like to ask is this, if you don't mind:

- Did you already saw plaster casts like these?
- Do you know museums / academies / institutions that have such collections?

- Do you know other information that may be useful or contacts of other researchers who may have information on the subject?

For answer : <andreafonso@mnaa.dgpc.pt>

Maquette du théâtre de Dionysos à Athènes .  Atelier G. Walger - Berlin. Conservée au Musée L à Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgique).  Qui connaît un moulage semblable ?

Toute information à adresser à vddfamille@yahoo.fr.  Merci d'avance.